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- About The Brand -

Cyntsational, The Power of Natural, is an all-natural, organic, line of health, beauty and therapeutic products used to treat a variety of everyday and chronic conditions. Our products include oils, salves, shampoos, herbal blends and body washes used to treat conditions such as hair loss, arthritis, allergies and overall better daily health. Each therapy is created in small batches to ensure quality and ultimate effectiveness.

- About The Woman Behind The Brand -

Cynthia Stoker

Each Cyntsational product was born from the mind of creator, entrepreneur, and cancer-survivor, Cynthia “Cynt” Stoker who saw a need within her family to address the long-time conditions that ailed them.  So she went to work researching and testing to create a way for them to feel better NATURALLY! You’ll see the ode to her family in her product names like Mother’s Love and Bobo’s Boss Arthritis Rub affectionately named for her late Grandmother and Dad. 


Cynthia’s goal is to educate everyone on the properties of naturally occurring plants, fruit and herbs that when curated can provide lifelong benefits to health and well-being. 

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